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new documentation: Manually Create Whonix VM Settings / Restoring .vmdk files

This is useful, if you have a backup of Whonix .vmdk hard disk images and want to restore them. This could be the case if your VM settings file is damaged or missing for some reason or if you only made a backup of the .vmdk files. See:


MAC Spoofing Development

Tails developers are working on MAC spoofing. If you care about this feature which might get used in Whonix some day. At least their thoughts on that topic are very valuable. You may be interested to join their Whonix unspecific development discussion:

[Tails-dev] [RFC] Design (and prototype) for MAC spoofing in Tails

Physical Isolation instructions available for Whonix 7.3.7! Testers wanted!

Advanced users only!

The Whonix 7 build script has been fixed for users of Whonix with physical isolation.

The instructions for building a physically isolated Whonix-Gateway and Whonix-Workstation have been updated and improved:

Please test and leave feedback.

Whonix 7.3.7 Source-Code-Only no download Version Released! Testers Wanted!

The original Whonix 7 source code can be no longer build, because several packages have been removed from Debian Testing’s and Torproject’s apt repository. This version is intended for those who want to build from source code. The build script has been fixed.

Users of the Whonix 7 Default-Download-Version do not have to do anything yet.

To make the build script more resistant against changes in upstream apt repositories, it is planned to build from frozen repositories, i.e. from


* Fixed physical isolation build script.
* (Temporarily) removed galternatives from Whonix-Workstation because it has been (temporarily) removed from Debian.
* Whonix APT Repository disabled with default settings for physical isolation users.
* Whonix APT Repository disabled with default settings for builders from source code.
* Added new optional /etc/whonix_buildconfig.d folder.
* Added new optional Terminal-Only build configuration.
* Added new optional NoDefaultApps build configuration.
* Fixed build script (because torsocks and tor-arm have been apparently removed from torproject’s apt repository, because apt-cacher-ng and galternatives has been (temporarily) removed from Debian Testing). * Reduced steps required for an optional installation of TorChat. * Set default $LANG and locale to en_US.UTF-8.
* Lots of other improvements and bug fixes which can be found under the git log.

Known bugs:

* If you want to use the whonix_repository GUI tool on
Whonix-Workstation, you need to install the dialog package.

Building Whonix From Source Code, Whonix APT Repository, Trust and Terminal-Only

Whonix APT Repository and Trust 

Your feedback has been appreciated. Users who build Whonix VMs or physical isolation from source code will do no longer have to change any settings or environment variables in order to disable Whonix’s APT Repository. It is now disabled by default. You could opt-in if you wanted. You could also later update Whonix debian packages from source code if you wanted. This has been implemented in Whonix’s source version 7.3.3 and above. (Latest git tag at time of writing: 7.3.7.)

Build documentation [1], Physical Isolation instructions [2], and the Trust page [3] has been updated accordingly.




Terminal-Only (No-GUI) (No-KDE) Whonix-Gateway/Workstation 

The optional possibility to easily build your own Terminal-Only Whonix-Gateway and or Whonix-Workstation, VM or physically isolated machine has been added to Whonix’s source code.

bug in whonix_repository tool

In case you want to disable Whonix’s apt repository, you need the fixed version of the whonix_repository tool. Documentation about this topic has been updated: