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Whonix 7 Gateway connection issues

When upgrading to Tor (using sudo apt-get dist-upgrade), your Tor connection may go down. There is a temporary workaround.



Whonix-Gateway: Err: tor-0.2.4.x-jessie/main i386 Packages 404 Not Found

Updated, see:

Tor Browser Updater (Whonix) broken

Currently broken due to changes by You have to manually update Tor Browser in meanwhile:…html

Forum help thread:

Already fixed in git. Due to lack of a release manager and testers it will take some time until we can push an update.

Virtual Box Shared Folder Issues

Shared Folders aren’t working with the latest Linux kernel.

Possible workarounds, more information, etc. can be found in the Whonix User Help Forum discussion thread:….html