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Whonix Blog Moved to new Location

Whonix blog has moved to:


GnuPG key transition – Update 1

I’ve got a new gnupg key. The full announcement can be read here:

Update 1:
As a commenter pointed out, the old link could not be verified due to a bad signature. This is because mailing list archives replace @ with _at_ and therefore disrupt the message integrity.

The full announcement can be read here:

Whonix 7 Gateway connection issues

When upgrading to Tor (using sudo apt-get dist-upgrade), your Tor connection may go down. There is a temporary workaround.


Tor Browser Updater (Whonix) broken

Currently broken due to changes by You have to manually update Tor Browser in meanwhile:…html

Forum help thread:

Already fixed in git. Due to lack of a release manager and testers it will take some time until we can push an update.

Domain Update

The Whonix team is proud to announce our new secondary .onion domain: http://kkkkkkkkkk63ava6.onion

It should now be easier to remember the domain name. This was a suggestion by anon.

Our old .onion domain will remain available for a while.

(The purpose of the .onion domain is to offer an alternative end-to-end encrypted connection to, not to hide the location of the server.)

Building Whonix from frozen sources,, security discussion

Beginning from Whonix 7.4.0 (not released yet), Whonix’s build script has been adapted to build from instead of from the more popular This has pros and cons, which are discussed here:

bug in whonix_repository tool

In case you want to disable Whonix’s apt repository, you need the fixed version of the whonix_repository tool. Documentation about this topic has been updated: